OneBlackShirt ™

OneBlackShirt is just that. There is only one. It’s a colour that never goes out of mode and can be worn all year round.
Its versatile cut allows it to be worn tucked in or out, buttoned up or open collared, with or without a tie, from desk to dinner .


Written by OneBlackShirt Premium Merino — December 09, 2014

Caring for your OneBlackShirt

Merino by its very nature is odour resistant. So, unlike a cotton shirt, which absorbs your bodily odours and needs washing after 1 or 2 wears, OneBlackShirt can be worn...

Merino – Nature’s super fibre

What makes Merino so special?Merino is not like other wools. Its fibres are finer and it has a range of superior natural qualities.  Warm in Winter – Merino fibres are...

The fabric – a New Zealand innovation

When most people think of a merino garment, they imagine active wear, knitted skin tight items designed to wear outdoors.OneBlackShirt is unique because it looks to all intents and purposes...