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OneBlackShirt is Premium Merino, Pure Evolution

OneBlackShirt is unique because it looks to all intents and purposes like a finely woven black shirt. People will notice it drapes beautifully and if they get close enough, will tell you it feels different, but they won’t believe it’s made from 100% merino wool.

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Caring for your OneBlackShirt

Merino by its very nature is odour resistant. So, unlike a cotton shirt, which absorbs your bodily odours and needs washing after 1 or 2 wears, OneBlackShirt can be worn...

Merino – Nature’s super fibre

What makes Merino so special?Merino is not like other wools. Its fibres are finer and it has a range of superior natural qualities.  Warm in Winter – Merino fibres are...

The fabric – a New Zealand innovation

When most people think of a merino garment, they imagine active wear, knitted skin tight items designed to wear outdoors.OneBlackShirt is unique because it looks to all intents and purposes...